Timeline - Railways in King's Norton

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When? What? Information

The Birmingham and Gloucester Railway Act

This was to be one of the first trunk railway companies.


King's Heath (sic) railway station

King's Heath was part of King's Norton parish (until 1911).


Station at Lifford Lane

For the Birmingham and Gloucester Railway. (Is this station related to the King's Heath Station?)

Variously 1840, 1841, 1842

Work was complete on the Birmingham and Gloucester Railway

Captain Moorsom did the architectural design.

This had an immediate effect on the volume of traffic using the Worcester and Birmingham Canal.


Midland Railway formed

Midland Counties Railway, Birmingham and Derby Junction Railway and North Midland Railway to merge to become the Midland Railway. This is not directly concerned with King's Norton, until August 1846. By 1847 much of the salt traffic from Stoke Prior was lost to the railways.

January 1845

Birmingham and Bristol Railway formed

The Birmingham and Gloucester Railway merged with the Bristol and Gloucester Railway to form the Birmingham and Bristol Railway.

August 1846

Midland Railway takes over

The Birmingham and Bristol Railway became a part of the Midland Railway.


King's Norton railway station opened
SP 004796

The date when King's Norton was opened is not known but John Marks (Birmingham Railways on old picture postcards, ISBN 0 946245 73 8) suggests 1849. Rail Around Birmingham also says 1849.

Other sources have suggested later. And the railway quoted in the latter source (MR's West Suburban Railway) may not have existed until later.


Birmingham West Suburban Railway

Some help for the Worcester and Birmingham Canal came from the building of the Birmingham West Suburban Railway. This was to run along the canal bank from Birmingham to King's Norton. The Midland Railway became involved in the deal. The canal was to be paid rent for the land (later to become a guarantee of a 1% share dividend). The payments began in 1873 and the line was running in 1875.


Birmingham West Suburban Line

This (cross-city line) came through Selly Oak and Bournville, following the canal through Lifford to meet the Gloucester line by King's Norton station.

April 1876?

Birmingham West Suburban Line

At King's Norton a junction is made between Birmingham and Gloucester Railway and the former Midland Railway's West Suburban Railway from Birmingham New Street. This line that opened 3rd April 1876 makes its way out of Birmingham through a series of tunnels to suburban stations at Five Ways, Selly Oak and Bournville before reaching King's Norton.


Rev Wilbert Vere Awdry moved to King's Norton


1945 - 1972

"The Railway Series"

Rev Wilbert Vere Awdry.



21st Century


King's Norton Station is a mixture of broken-down old parts and some new bits.