Moundsley Lodge (lodge of Moundsley Hall)

Canal House and Roving Bridge (No. 72) at The Junction

The King’s Norton Web Site


The aim of this web site is to paint an authoritative picture of "King's Norton - Past and Present".

King's Norton is a district in the south of Birmingham. Remains have been found giving little doubt that the Romans marched through this area. Saxon King's Norton has been described as "In the middle of a clearing surrounded by a wooden stockade where stood a village, a group of rude detached huts". King's Norton today still retains some of its Saxon features.

Parts of King's Norton retain a "village" atmosphere. The key to the village atmosphere is the village green. Some buildings of historical importance are round the green, and various events and fairs take place there.

Its canals are well known to enthusiasts. Eventually the railways caused the decline of commercial use of the canals. But for a time, they were both commecially viable.